International scientific conference "Perspectives of integration processes in Eurasia in XXI century

    Centre for Geopolitical Studies “Berlek –Edinstvo” organized international scientific- practical conference "Perspectives of integration processes in Eurasia in XXI century" on October 10, 2013

   The conference was held in order to develop a comprehensive, multi-level cooperation between Russia and the countries of Eurasia. The conference brought together scholars, graduate students and students from Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia. They carried out the analysis on a wide range of cultural, economic and political aspects of Eurasian integration.

   During the conference there was a contest for the best work on the analysis of integration processes in Eurasia in XXI century. All works submitted for consideration were evaluated using the following criteria: scientific innovation, depth of maturity and originality of analytical study. After evaluation of each research paper by the Members of the committee, the results were summarized.

  Head of the Department of the Institute of Economics Ph.D. Orozonova A.A participated in the competition. and received second prize with a cash prize of 10 thousand rubles.